I Refuse to do the Compulsory Military Service for Conflicting with my Beliefs

I’m Mohamed Fathy, 23 years old. I came to the recruiting area (according to the law) in 2012/05/09. I was asked to be present in the recruiting area in 2012/07/19, to do the procedures of deportation to the weapon I’m distributed to, while I’m a conscientious objector to conscription…

For my refusal to compulsion, holding weapons, to be classified within a power of armed forces and be exploited against my conscience and my pro-peace beliefs.

Since I wouldn’t be able to abide by the military orders if I would be recruited, therefore I won’t be able to end protests by force or participate in virginity tests to female activists.

I’m also against conscription because it robs from humans the natural right to bodily freedom, freedom of choice, expressing opinions and beliefs, and mobility. It discriminates on the basis of gender, religion, the geographic origin. It also allows the practice of a military authority over civilians and suppressing them by other compelled civilians.

For that I refuse to be used as a machine for suppression and killing, serving the interests of the authority.

I believe that peace won’t be achieved by our permanent readiness to hold weapons and kill instead of the support of peace in both sides.

Despite my refusal for compulsion, I would accept an alternative civilian service which would help serve life.

My video declaring my conscientious objection 


Letters asking for exception from the military service or the acceptance for an alternative military service, along with the the form 110 Soldiery, to:

The minister of defense (the field marshal – Mohamed Hussein Tantawi)
The president of the republic (Mohamed Mohamed Morsi)
The prime minister (Kamal El Ganzouri)
The chief of the parliament (Mohamed Saad Tawfik El Katatny)
The chief of the shura council (Ahmed Fahmy Ahmed)
The receipt of the post office

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