On Sunday, the 29th of July, someone called me on at 9:30 in the morning. He said his name is Mostafa and he’s from the recruiting area at El Basatin police station.
He told me that I have to go immediately, but he didn’t want to explain.

I insisted that I wanted to know why he wanted me to go there. He told me that I have to go to take the application/form “9 soldiery” (‏9 جند). I asked why, he answered, “to finish your recruitment”.

I asked, “would I finish my recruitment from the police station?”, he replied, “no” and that I would take this form and go to the Hikestep (the recruiting area).

I didn’t go to the police station because I won’t go to the Hikestep, because if I went there I would be handing myself and would do the military service.

I still didn’t receive responses on the letters I sent to the minister of defense and the president…

I want to confirm that I refuse compulsory military recruitment in all circumstances and that I would only accepts a civilian service.